Lee Salisbury - From Faith to Critical Thinking

September 19, 2011

Host: Robert M. Price

Lee Salisbury was at one time an up-and-coming Charismatic Christian pastor, even a healer! Then how did he wind up actively involved in the ranks of Minnesota Atheists?

Often successful Christian activists simply cannot allow themselves to entertain doubts as to the worthiness of their enterprise, but Lee had a dangerous yearning for critical thought. It caused him to look back on all he had said and done and to wonder if perhaps he had been kidding himself and others. He left it all behind and turned instead to a new gospel, that of intellectual honesty and responsibility for one's own beliefs.

He is the founder of a number of Critical Thinking Clubs in the Minneapolis area in addition to his involvement in the work of Minnesota Atheists. Listen to his remarkable story as Robert Price puts him on the spot in another exciting installment of Point of Inquiry.

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This was a truly delightful episode of POI.  Dr. Price used the fake verbal slip of referring to “Anal” Roberts and if that wasn’t enough (recapitulating how I would refer to that august charlatan in my childhood arguments with my religious playmates)—his guest went on to quote James Madison on the bloody and stultifying effects of 1500 years of European establishment of religion.  That quote should be front and center on all free-thought websites.  I’ve not seen or heard the argument for separation of church and state presented in a more compelling manner anywhere.  Throwing off the deadening hand of religious dogma from public affairs was probably the single most important factor in propelling the US to its currently waning status of most powerful and innovative nation in the world.  The more the non-thinking religious zealots get their way, the more the US will fall behind the rest of the world in any measure of human progress.  It is no accident that thinking Iranians would rather live almost anywhere else in the world than in Iran.

Posted on Sep 27, 2011 at 6:25pm by ullrich Comment #1