Jonathan Moreno - Our New Biopolitics

October 24, 2011

Host: Chris Mooney

Human cloning. Synthetic biology. Mood (and mind) altering drugs. Personalized medicine.

Such topics are rarely at the top of the political agenda. Yet the changes they're causing, often below the radar, are monumental. Issues of personhood, identity, ethics, are at play. The human future may be very different from the human past as these changes are negotiated and assimilated.

And so may human politics.

To help us prepare for this radical future is Jonathan Moreno, author of the new book The Body Politic: The Battle Over Science in America, which underscores the strange bedfellow allegiances that may occur in what has been called our "biological century."

Jonathan Moreno is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and on the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is one of 13 Penn Integrates Knowledge university professors.

He is a historian, medical ethicist, and philosopher, and was part of Barack Obama's transition team.

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It seems that the controversy and obstructive movements generated by the religious community over issues such as abortion and stem cell research are just the beginning of the battle between religion and science. It is my hope that in the end, it will result in the beginning of a secular world without religion; moreover, it seems likely that those nations that are able to pursue scientific aims without religious hindrance, such as Europe and many Asian societies, will be able to exceed nations such as America, where every scientific advancement regarding biology and medicine is met with harsh societal criticism.

Posted on Oct 24, 2011 at 4:29pm by Gallant Skeptic Comment #1