Eugenie Scott - Defending Climate Education

January 16, 2012

Host: Chris Mooney

Eugenie Scott is no stranger to Point of Inquiry, or to the secular community. Her endless travails to defend the teaching of evolution have won her immense respect.

And that's why, when Scott and her National Center for Science Education take on a new initiative, everybody listens. So for this Point of Inquiry episode, we invited Eugenie to break some news about why she is venturing into a very new and very challenging area—defending the teaching of accurate climate change science in schools from a mounting ideological assault—and how you can help her out.

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National Center for Science Education

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Interesting interview.  Potentially helpful to educators.

Though I wish I could ask Chris personally: 
What about the whole general apathy that seems to be drowning the AGW issue? 

It’s implications are too overwhelming and the easiest thing for humans seems to be to ignore it all together ~ all we want to worry about is getting through today and tomorrow itself,
let next decade take care of itself. 

Specially when you have the well funded megaphone of the “echo-chamber of denial” telling everyone to forget about it: no worries.

Chris are you out there? . . .  some thoughts would be appreciated.

Posted on Jan 19, 2012 at 5:57pm by Comment #1

Since AGW is related to economics how do scientists deal with getting the mathematics correct in economics.

Does it make sense to compute the depreciation of capital goods while ignoring the depreciation of durable consumer goods?

Both of them get added to GDP when they are purchased.

The reason for apathy is that it has turned into nothing but hot air about hot air.  I just get tired of hearing the talk even when I agree with it.

Where are AGW people talking about Planned Obsolescence?


Posted on Jan 23, 2012 at 4:36pm by psikeyhackr Comment #2