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Greta Christina on Coping with Death, No Afterlife Required

December 22, 2014

Our Guest this week is Greta Christina, popular atheist blogger, speaker and author of several books on atheism including her newest, “Comforting
Thoughts About Death That Have Nothing to Do With God.”

Christina discusses with Lindsay Beyerstein the tendencies we have to avoid and deny…

Deciphering Alan Turing, with Andrew Hodges

December 01, 2014

Alan Turing was a true visionary. Founding what we understand today as computer science, he was also a mathematician, a philosopher, and an early trailblazer for gay equality. Without his genius for codebreaking, the Second World War might have gone in a much darker direction. He saved millions of…

Steven Pinker: Using Grammar as a Tool, Not as a Weapon

November 10, 2014

The English language is often treated as delicate and precious, and disagreements about what is “proper English” go back as far as the 18th century. Then
as now, style manuals and grammar books placed innumerable restrictions on what is and isn’t “correct,” as “Language Mavens” continue to delight…

The Human Impact of Discovering Alien Life, with Astrobiologist Steven J. Dick

October 14, 2014

Our universe is made up of billions of galaxies. The cosmos is so mind-bogglingly vast, that it’s hard not to suppose that we aren’t alone, that life   must exist somewhere else besides our own planet. Last month, some of the world’s leading scientists gathered at an Astrobiology Symposium…

The Theology of ISIS, with Dr. Adam Silverman

October 06, 2014

The rise of ISIS, the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, has sparked debate about the role of religion — specifically Islam — in violent extremism. This week, Dr. Adam Silverman offers us a glimpse into the theology of ISIS, and tackles some difficult questions; What does ISIS…

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