Episode Archive for March 2013

Carol Tavris - The Science of Sex and Gender

March 25, 2013

Back in February, Yahoo! President and CEO Marissa Mayer made a decision that pushed gender issues and the work/life balance back into the headlines: she mandated that her employees can no longer work from home. It’s a decision that impacts families with children in a big way—and puts a focus on women in the workplace.

Are decisions like Mayer’s related to a broader cultural bias against women? Do biological differences between men and women account for the gender disparity in leadership positions in many industries? What do we even know about gender differences? Does science have answers…

Amanda Marcotte - Skepticism Needs Feminism

March 18, 2013

Later this year, May 17 to 19 in Washington, D.C., the Center for Inquiry will convene its second “Women in Secularism” conference.

There are a host of great speakers, many of whom we’ve had on this show before, like Susan Jacoby, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Greta Christina, and Rebecca Watson.

And we’re going to be there covering it.

But in the meantime, to get you ready, we’ve invited on one of the featured speakers ahead of time—Amanda Marcotte.

Marcotte writes for and manages the blog Pandagon, blogs for Slate‘s Double X,…

Mark Lynas - Science and the Left

March 04, 2013

I’m a big defender of the proposition that when it comes to abusing science, the political left and the political right are very different beasts.

But that doesn’t make the left innocent of science abuses—and one man who knows that very well is Mark Lynas.

He’s a British environmentalist and author, and he recently gained dramatic attention for his public conversion on the issue GM crops—denouncing his prior allies, and also his prior self, on the issue.

Lynas had been an anti-GM activist and even a destroyer of crops. Now, he thinks science leads…