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Christopher diCarlo - How to Become a Really Good Pain in the Ass

July 30, 2012

In an election year, it is especially important that our critical thinking skills be sharply honed. We have to sift through facts, fiction, and hyperbole in order to decide who it is that should lead us for the next four years.

To remind us what the right questions to ask are and how to ask them, we invited on the show Dr. Christopher diCarlo, noted philosopher of science and ethics, whose research focuses on how and why humans reason, think, and act the way they do.

Christopher diCarlo is a Philosopher of Science and Ethics…

Kerry Emanuel - Conservative for Climate Science

July 23, 2012

Kerry Emanuel is a leading atmospheric scientist and a self-described conservative. As a result, lately he’s been at the forefront of trying to convince his ideological brethren that the science behind global warming is real.

We invited Emanuel on to talk about whether global warming is indeed influencing the extreme weather that is afflicting the United States—and also for the unique vantage point that he brings to environmental and energy issues.

Kerry Emanuel is professor of atmospheric science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He is an expert on global warming and on…

David Niose - Nonbeliever Nation

July 16, 2012

Can people who care about secularism take America back from the religious right?

Of all the questions that concern us on this show, this is perhaps the most important, the most central, of all.

And David Niose has an answer to it. Simply put, he thinks we can.

In his new book, Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans, Niose outlines the damage the religious right has done, and how the growing forces of secularity stand poised to finally effectively counter them.

Central to the strategy? Embracing the atheist, or at…

Tina Dupuy - Skepticism Meets Comedy

July 09, 2012

Our guest this week is Tina Dupuy—the reporter, comedian, skeptic, and editor-in-chief of the startup publication SoapBlox.

Dupuy appears frequently on MSNBC, Current TV, RT and the BBC and on numerous radio shows. She has written for Mother Jones, the Atlantic, Skeptic, and many other publications.

Her weekly oped is syndicated nationally by Cagle Cartoons.


Special In Studio Episode: Jamie Kilstein, Ed Brayton, and More

July 02, 2012

Note: You can watch this episode on Youtube

For this episode of Point of Inquiry, we tried something a little different. At Center for Inquiry headquarters in Amherst, NY, we filmed a special hour long program with multiple in-studio guests, including the famed atheist comedian Jamie Kilstein. As usual, the program is also available as an audio-only podcast. 

In either format, here’s what it contains:

When Doubt is a Crime: Michael De Dora, director of the Center for Inquiry Office of Public Policy in Washington, D.C., discusses the…