Episode Archive for May 2011

Scott Lohman - Star Trek and Humanism

May 30, 2011

Do you often wish you lived in the far future? Or on a different planet? Do your friends and family think you belong there, too?

Cheer up! This may not be just because you’re a science fiction nerd! It may be because you espouse a worldview that is in the distinct minority in our time and place—Secular Humanism! It is a vision of a better future. And that is no doubt why many of us feel such an affinity for SF, and of course for Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek. It is a vision of a future when scientific Humanism has…

Jonathan Kay - Among the Truthers

May 23, 2011

From Birthers, to Truthers, to Deathers—to occasional Liars—America seems to be crawling right now with fevered conspiracy mongers. What’s up with that?

To find out, Point of Inquiry turns in this episode to Jonathan Kay, author of the new book Among the Truthers: A Journey into America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground. In it, Kay provides a fascinating look at some of our indigenous kooks, and why they seem to be thriving right now.

Jonathan Kay is the managing editor of Canada’s National Post newspaper and a weekly columnist for its op-ed page.

Kay’s writing covers a diversity of subjects, and he’s been published in…

Robert Sheaffer - It’s a Conspiracy

May 16, 2011

Robert Sheaffer is a Committee for Skeptical Inquiry fellow and author of the “Psychic Vibrations” column for Skeptical Inquirer magazine. He writes the “Bad UFO” blog and “The Debunker’s Domain” website, and is the author of The UFO Verdict: Examining the Evidence, UFO Sightings - The Evidence and The Making of the Messiah: Christianity and Resentment

A prolific researcher of supernatural claims, Robert specializes in UFOs and conspiracy theories. Many favor the term “investigator”, but he doesn’t shy away from the label “debunker”.

In this interview with Karen Stollznow, Robert talks about his observations of pseudoscience and the paranormal over the 30-year…

Chris Mooney - Accommodationism and the Psychology of Belief

May 09, 2011

Special Guest Host: Ronald A. Lindsay 

In this special episode, Chris Mooney changes places and becomes the interviewee—and then finds himself facing some probing questions from CFI president and CEO Ronald A. Lindsay. This frank interview is all substance and no fluff as Mooney is asked to defend accommodationism and his Templeton Foundation fellowship. The tough questions elicit vigorous replies as Mooney restates his belief that some of the New Atheists are adopting the wrong tactics in criticizing religion.

In the second part of the interview, Mooney discusses his recent work on the psychology of belief in general, emphasizing how our commitments…

Bo Bennett - Christian Nontheism

May 02, 2011

Robert “Bo” Bennett wears many hats (author, motivational speaker, black belt Karate master, businessman, etc.) but manages not to have a swelled head to accommodate them!

His latest book is called The Concept: Introduction to Christian Nontheism, an accessible and engaging presentation of the case for maintaining one’s Christian identity once one has outgrown belief in biblical inspiration, miracles, even God. True, if anyone else in your church found out, they might kick you out, but you wouldn’t have a guilty conscience! How to manage this? Is it a mere mind-game? Why bother? What makes Christianity still attractive once the…