Episode Archive for March 2011

Lawrence Krauss - Quantum Man

March 28, 2011

Physicist Lawrence Krauss has written numerous popular books about science, including the bestselling The Physics of Star Trek.

But now he’s tried something different—penning a scientific biography of the famed Nobel Prize winning physicist (and infamous bon vivant) Richard Feynman.

The resulting book, Quantum Man: Richard Feynman’s Life in Science, is a fascinating look at the scientific innovations of this larger-than-life figure—a man who also revolutionized physics teaching at Caltech, played a central role in investigating the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, and was notorious for hanging out in strip clubs and playing the bongos.

So Point of Inquiry reached Krauss to learn what…

Cheryl Russell - Society, Statistics and Skepticism

March 21, 2011

My guest this week is Cheryl Russell, a recognized authority on statistics and demographics.

Cheryl is the editorial director of New Strategist Publications and the former editor-in-chief of American Demographics magazine. She is the author of the “Demo Memo” blog and the books The Master Trend, 100 Predictions for the Baby Boom and Bet You Didn’t Know: Hundreds of Intriguing Facts about Living in the USA.

In this interview with Karen Stollznow, Cheryl reveals that demographic information challenges deeply embedded beliefs about society and explains why there is such a gap between belief and reality. She shows that statistics and demography…

Spirituality: Friend or Foe? - Adam Frank and Tom Flynn

March 14, 2011

Recently, it has come to light that many scientists—scientists who don’t believe in God—nevertheless claim to be “spiritual but not religious.” Some in the secular movement have responded favorably to this new trend-one unfolding against the backdrop of an increasingly secular America, and a millennial generation that is also discarding traditional religion while extolling spiritual meaning.

Yet others are sharply opposed, calling secular “spirituality” little more than a semantic gambit, a misappropriation of misleading, faith-infused language.

In this week’s show, we present two different takes on whether we should embrace, or discard, the concept of godless spirituality.

Our first guest, Adam Frank,…

Frank Zindler - The Christ Myth

March 07, 2011

One of the most effective (not to mention hilarious) speakers for atheism and secular humanism today is Frank Zindler, author, linguist, translator, Bible scholar, and scientist—truly a Renaissance Man.

He is an advocate as well for the much-despised but increasingly hard to ignore Christ Myth hypothesis, which he has ably defended in books such as The Jesus the Jews Never Knew and articles like “Where Jesus Never Walked.”

He was acting President of American Atheists in 2008 and is editor of both The American Atheist Magazine and American Atheist Press. Frank has also been on the ground floor of The…